BA Dinners

BA Dinners

Our weekly BA Dinners are an excellent way to relax after a long week in the lab or library, with some good food and good company. BA Dinners typically occur every Friday of the term. We usually start a pre-drink reception at 7:15 PM, with dinner starting at 8 PM. It is important to arrive before 8 PM because after that time, you will not be admitted to the hall.

The location of pre-drinks will usually be the Old Combination Room in the autumn and winter, and under the Cloisters in the spring and summer. Predrinks typically feature cocktails devised by the Catering Officer, and the meal itself usually contains 4-5 courses: a starter, main, pudding, and a coffee/chocolate course. There is an additional cheese and port course every other week. In contrast to other colleges, wine is provided at all BA dinners.

Certain BA dinners will be subject to special rules. Details of these rules will be circulated via email before the event.


Tickets to BA Dinners can be purchased via the UPay app. Tickets typically go on sale 10 days before the formal at 8 AM Cambridge time. They typically sell out quickly, so it is recommended to be on UPay when tickets first go out.

During the BA Dinner, you are expected to wear formal attire and an academic gown. Formal attire may include, but is not limited to: a dress; or a suit, shirt and tie/bow-tie.



One guest per person is allowed during BA dinners, and this guest ticket must be purchased via UPay. Two to three guest can be admitted to the hall for a normal servery meal. You do not need a special guest ticket to bring guest(s) to a normal server meal. Bear in mind that you are personally responsible for the behaviour of your guest(s).

Guests under the age of 16 will not be admitted under any circumstance. Guests who are 16-17 years old require special permission from Catering.

Meals in Hall

Meals can be eaten in hall via the servery, which is currently open for lunch and dinner in hall. Please refer to college website for weekly menus and times. Keep in mind that times will occasionally fluctuate throughout the term.