Isuri Ratnayake

Hello there! I'm Isuri and I’m the President of the BA Society. My mission is to be your voice and advocate for your needs to make sure that you have the best college experience! I'm dedicated to fostering a vibrant community where every individual feels included, supported, and valued. I'm always up for a chat, so if you see me around, come say hi!

Junior Treasurer

James Ee

Hi! I’m James, a first year English PhD and Treasurer of the BA Society. My job is to ensure that the Society can fund its many exciting events across the year, and that everyone gets paid on time. This being my fifth year in Cambridge, I’m happy to help with any questions you might have about life in Trinity and in Cambridge more generally.

Liaison Officer

Gui Nabais Freitas

Catering Officer

Christian Owen

Hi! I am Christian, and I am a second year PhD student in early modern history.

Welfare Officer

Juan Carlos Rueda Silva

Hi! I'm Juan Carlos Rueda Silva, BA Welfare Officer for this year. I'm a third year PhD student in Genetics and I work in transgenerational epigenic inheritance, or how external factors experienced by a generation leave an impact in following generations. As Welfare officer I want to make the BA community an inclusive space where everyone feels safe to part take in. I aim to organize regular events that help BAs to destress, forget their problems for a while and be able to socialize and meet new people. Also, I aim to provide assistance to BAs with some of the problems commonly faced by postgrads.

Women's Officer

Harry Derbyshire

Hello! My name is Harry and I’m the Women’s Officer on the BA committee. I’m really excited to organise some initiatives to bring the community of Women at Trinity closer together. I’m about to start my PhD in Classics, and I did my undergraduate and MPhil here too.

Ethnic and Inclusion Officer

Yuyan Xue

Ents Officer

Cameron Zhang

Hi everyone! My name is Cameron, a final year law student and your Ents officer for this academic year. In my spare time, I like to unwind by listening to music, going to the theatre and exercising.

Sports Officer

Filip Ayazi

Environmental Officer

Jason Brown

I am a Computer Science PhD student with an MEng in Computer and Information Engineering. My topic of study is AI Safety, with an interest in the existential-risk component of it. I'm also interested in protecting the environment, and mitigating extreme climate change. Recreationally I love to rock climb, play guitar badly, program in Rust or Haskell, and learn Maths.

First-Year Representative

Amy Zhao

Hello! I am Amy, and I am studying for my MPhil in English. This is my first year at Trinity College. I look forward to meeting everyone new to Trinity and am always open to any ideas or suggestions on how I can improve your first year here!

Computing Officer

Alexis Marchand

Hi! I am Alexis, a third-year PhD student in pure mathematics, as well as your computing officer for this academic year. My role is to ensure smooth communication between the committee and the student body, via the weekly Bulletin and the website. In my free time, you are quite likely to find me cooking or baking in my kitchen, or hiking on some random mountain.