Available support

Graduate life can be stressful and occasionally problems may arise for which you want the help of others. There are several people and resources you can turn to for help and direction.

A good first port-of-call in difficulty is your tutor, who is responsible for your welfare in College. They all have a tutor’s secretary, and will happily arrange an appointment. Tutors usually end up dealing with any matters relating to your academic studies, but can also advise you on your options in other matters too.

The College Nurse is available for help with any medical problems and can be found at the Health Centre in B Nevile’s Court. The nurse is available from 9:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. on Monday and Friday, and 1 - 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, during Term time only. The nurse can also be contacted by phone at (3)38471 and by email at surgery@trin.cam.ac.uk.

The College also has a dedicated College Counsellor who is available to talk about personal or work-related problems. (book appointments at counsellor@trin.cam.ac.uk). There is also a Mental Health Advisor who takes self-referrals (book appointments at mha@trin.cam.ac.uk). And, the College Chaplains are always there too for confidential chats and support.

If you would prefer to talk to another student, the Welfare Officer on the BA Society Committee will do their best to make sure you get the help you want or need. You can also speak to our Women's Officer. Any discussion you have with the Welfare Officers is completely confidential, unless you wish otherwise.

The University Counselling Service is another source of support. They offer individual or group counselling and hold a number of workshops that are run throughout the year.

The GU and CUSU both have welfare information on their websites and together they run the Student Advice Service. The GU has a Welfare Officer who you can always contact for support. The Welfare Library at the GU Lounge also has information on topics including alcohol and drugs, health problems, crime, pregnancy and much more.

The BA society has an officer dedicated to supporting and representing LGBTQ+ people within the college. If you identify as LGBTQ+ and are having any problems or if you are questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity then get in touch with our LGBTQ+ Officer. Other organisations which support and organise events for LGBTQ+ people are the college’s LGBT+ society, 1TQ, and the university wide organisation CUSU LGBT+. You can also add yourself to the Trinity BA Society LGBTQ+ mailing list here.

There are many other organisations in Cambridge which can deal with more specialised issues. Note that some of the student-run lines run only during termtime, and some at limited times. An excellent source for more counselling and advice services is provided on the University website and may be found here.

Useful contacts

Porters Lodge (24 hour) (01223) 338400
Non-emergency, urgent healthcare 111
Cambridge Rape Crisis (24 hour answerphone) (01223) 245888
Victim Support 0845 30 30 900 / 0845 389 9523
Police (Parkside, non-emergency) (01223) 358966
Panther Taxis (can request female driver) (01223) 715715
Drinkline (National alcoholic helpline) 0800 917 8282 (freephone)
Alcoholics Anonymous (24 hour helpline) 0845 7697555
The Bridge Project (Drugs advice centre) (01223) 214614
beat (Eating disorders association) 0845 634 1414 / 0845 634 7650
The Lime Tree Clinic (Sexual Health Clinic) 0300 300 3030
Sexual Health Cambridgeshire  
Addenbrooke’s Hospital (01223) 245151
Cambridge Student Health  
University Dental Service (01223) 332860
Linkline “Someone to Listen” (7 p.m. - 7 a.m.) (01223) 367575
Samaritans (10:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.) (01223) 364455 / 08457 909090
University Counselling Service (01223) (3)32865